About Us


To see orphaned and vulnerable children being rehabilitated into family and the community, and to provide life skills which will improve their quality of life in the future


Khulani Children’s Shelter seeks to provide a loving, safe haven to cater for the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of children who are at risk.


The objectives of Khulani are to provide a good home for children in need of care, and to provide life skills training facilities for disadvantaged youth from the surrounding areas





The Shelter was formally registered as an NPO in 2003, it was established to provide a Place of Safety for orphans, abused and abandoned children as well as to equip disadvantaged youth with life skills. Children are placed at the Shelter by the State Welfare Department and the SAPS, by a Court Order, the shelter is supervised by social workers from the Department of Social Development. Within the Khulani Shelter children are provided meals, clothes, education (including uniforms, stationery etc.), medical care, they also receive counselling and therapy, and are given opportunities to participate in community events and religion. 

Khulani ensuring sustainability for Children


Khulani Shelter know that taking care of children is along term committment in ensureing that they continue receiving the care, education and social needs they deserve Khulani Children Shelter is proud to offer KHULANI SHUTTLE AND KHULANI LODGING, all processing made goes towards Khulani Shelter so give support to our new exciting wing, whether you traveling for business call khulani shuttle or whether you taking a break enjoy comfortable accomodation knowing your money is supporting young children.