for 14 years Khulani Children Shelter has been providing Care, Support, Education and a safe home free from physcical and mental abuse

invest in a childs future by donating, ask us how

Khulani Shelter


At Khulani Children Shelter keeping children safe and well taken off has been our priorty for 10 years, find out more how you can also get involve

Khulani Shuttle services


comfortable, reliable ride to your destination with wifi connection keeping you connected all the way. Support Khulani Shuttle services all proceding go toward nurturing children in the shelter. ride for a better cause.

Khulani Lodging Rooms & Rates


where there you seeking for a quite holiday or holiday in the suburbs of durban, weve got it, come visit us and check out our lovely Apartment in Redhill Durban North and Self Catering in Umgababa . Each room is personally decorated.

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Tel. 031 563 9450


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shuttle and acommodation

All procedings goes towards Khulani Chidren Shelter, so reach your destination and enjoy your holiday knowing YOU have given a child a safe home and access to proper health care


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Call us now to book shuttle and accommodation:

​031-563 9450 
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